Home Staging Helps Sellers in a Buyer’s Market

As the housing market struggles to regain its footing, more buyers are slowly beginning to enter the marketplace. But sellers continue to face special challenges. There are still a number of unsold homes on the market, which means:

  • Buyers can be pickier about what they choose to buy
  • Buyers have more room to negotiate price
  • Sellers are frustrated because their homes aren’t selling as fast as they’d like
  • Sellers are pressured by agents to drop their prices dramatically, since agents don’t get paid until the house sells

Home Staging Helps Real Estate Investors and Builders Maximize Profits

When selling your investment property, are you tempted to leave the house empty?

Decorating your house to sell, also called “home staging” or “real estate staging,” will help you sell your investment in record time and get top dollar for your home.


House Hunting Can Resemble Speed Dating

House hunting is a bit like "speed dating." You may have heard of this dating craze, whereby singles meet 20 or more potential mates in one evening by having five-minute dates with each of them. The idea behind the phenomenon is that two people either have chemistry or they don't.

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