Before & After - Staged townhouse

Staging Doctor recently staged this home for a vendor selling thier investment property, and these photos are a perfect example of how photo's of empty rooms actually look much smaller than what they really are. Which is one of the main reasons why staging a home with furniture works.  To attract buyers to your open home it is important to convey the size and function of each room.

 Kitchen and Dinning Before Kitchen and Dinning After
staged_kitchen_before staged_kitchen_after

Before:  Photos of empty rooms always looks smaller then what they really are.

After: But once you add furniture and art one can actually get a true sense of the size and scale of the room.

Dinning Before Dinning After
staged_dinning_before staged_dinning_after

Before:  Empty rooms look not only smaller but also makes it virtually impossible for a buyer to actually tell which room is which. This dinning room without furniture could be anything.  The last thing you want is your buyer asking themselves, "is this room, a dinning room or living room?"

After: But once a dinning table is added to the photo, the buyer instantly knows one, it is a dinning room and two it is large enough for a 6-8 seater dinning set, with plenty of natural light.

Living Before Living After
staged_loungedinning_before staged_loungedinning_after

Before:  The living and dinning rooms are both a decent size and are full of natural light, thanks to the three sets of sliding doors but when the rooms are empty not only do they look smaller they feel cold and bare. 

After: The addition of curtains soften's the windows and in combination with the furniture, art, and decoritive items the the ground floor of this townhouse is transformed into a homey yet elegant space.

Living Before Living After
staged_lounge_before staged_lounge_after

Before:  If this was the photo used for the listing, a buyer would be saying to themselves, "that window looks small and is our furniture going to even fit?"

After: The addition of the three and two seater sofas, the 42" plamsa, the coffee table and two side tables, gives a buyer a true indication of the intended function of this room and its true size.  

Master Bedroom Before Master Bedroom After
staged_bedroom1_before staged_bedroom1_after

Before:  Cold, dark and small. "Would a queen size bed fit?"

After: Floor to ceiling curtains hung on the same single rod make the windows seem larger, and in combination with the queen size bed and its bedding the room becomes masterful, appealing to the buyer that will soon be sleeping in this very room. 

Bedroom 2 Before Bedroom 2 After
staged_bedroom2_before staged_bedroom2_after

Before:  Again pretty small looking

After: It easily becomes apparent the room is big enough for a queen size bed with heaps of room left over.

Bathroom Before Bathroom After
staged_bathroom_before staged_bathroom_after

Before: Nice but bland

After: But change the lightling add some fresh new towels a soap dispenser and simple plant and the room starts to come alive. 

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