Before & After - Unit

The photos below are examples of Staging Doctor's work.

Kitchen Before Kitchen After
kitchen_before2_resize kitchen_after2_resize

Before:  The kitchen was in great condition however it was hard to see past the clutter on the counter and the working shelves.

After:  After staging the room is transformed and appears to be twice the size.  Notice the clutter has been removed from all surface areas, an item of furniture and a  piece of art that was being used in  another room is brought in as sideboard  accessorized with carefully selected  pieces the couple already owned.

Bedroom Before Bedroom After
bed_before_resize bed_after_2_resize

BEFORE:  The photo of this bedroom makes it looks small and sterile. The room needs to be softened up, furniture needs to be removed and moved around so the room can feel larger and more spacious.    

AFTER:  After staging this rooms starts to feel larger and more inviting. Removing the dressers really adds to this affect as they were dwarfing the rest of the room, then exchanging the bulky bedding with  a slimmer style, and the final touch was adding a piece of art that was hanging in the hallway. The result is amazing.

Bathroom Before Bathroom After
kitchen_before2_resize kitchen_after2_resize

Before:  This room looks sloppy and untidy

After:  It is amazing how the removal of shampoo bottles and personal products from the shower and counter tops can transform this bathroom, then simply add fresh clean towels and voila, an appealing bathroom buyers are attracted too!

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