Service Disclaimer

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Information, advice or suggestions supplied by Staging Doctor after a consultation, which are a result of the initial viewing of the property and/or photographs and information supplied by the Client, are given in good faith. The Client should satisfy themselves,  before taking action as a result of the information, advice or suggestions, that they are satisfied with the cost effective measures and have taken all necessary health and safety precautions as necessary in undertaking any improvements or alterations to their property. Staging Doctor cannot accept any responsibilty for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using the information, advice or suggestions provided by Staging Doctor.

Information, advice or suggestions given by Staging Doctor is generally of a cosmetic nature and does not cover structural issues. Before undertaking structural alterations or major repairs to the Property the Client is strongly advised to seek relevant professional advice from a suitably qualified architect or builder.

Third Parties

Staging Doctor will never knowingly pass your information on to another party without your authorisation.

Staging Doctor may recommend or use other businesses in providing the Client with the goods and/or services contemplated by this agreement. Any business used by Staging Doctor or recommended to the Client by Staging Doctor is done so for the convenience of the Client only. Staging Doctor accepts no responsibility for the goods or services provided by any other business which has been recommended or used by Staging Doctor. The Client should satisfy themselves of the suitability of any other business before entering into any contract for goods or services with that business.

Staging Doctor will not engage any other Business to provide goods or services in respect of the Property without the express written consent of the Client.

In the event that Staging Doctor use or recommend to the Client another business, the Client is directly responsible for all charges, liabilities or accounts issued by that business in respect of the Property.


Whilst Staging Doctor will use all reasonable endeavours to enhance the value and marketability of the Property, we do not guarantee:

  • That the Property will sell.
  • That the Property will sell any faster than if Staging Doctor had not provided its services.
  • That the Property will return a higher price than if Staging Doctor had not provided its services.

All of the pictures taken by Staging Doctor are the copyright of Staging Doctor and anyone wishing to copy the detail for commercial purposes must seek authorisation from Staging Docotor. Staging Doctor reserves the right to use all photographs taken on behalf of clients for promotional purposes, both printed and online.

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